Scrap In A Can

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Seeing Stars and Stripes!

Scraps by Andrea released a new kit into her store yesterday called Old Glory, its a revamped version of a previous freebie on her blog. It will be perfect for those 4th of July pictures taken this weekend! Hurry and buy it now because its on sale for only $2.50, you can click the preview to be directed to her store and then make sure to grab my freebie QP and leave some love! Enjoy your QP freebie!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Nicole has a new kit in her store called Lazy Days of Summer, boy it is a beatuiful kit filled with lots of different things. It was so easy to scrap with! I searched through some of my summer pictures last year and found some that matched her color scheme. Here is the preview of this great kit thats on sale for $2.99 right now, click it to go to Nicole's store!

I used a template by Chrissy W. for this layout.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lots to do at STS!

Man oh man I feel like I have a lot to share with you! First, I wanted to remind you about the STS Sizzlin' Summer Sale (say that 5x fast, lol!) that started! It's your chance to pick up a ton of kits for a heckofadeal! Click the preview to be directed to the STS store:
I also wanted to give you a heads up about a Speed Scrap tonight too! By the looks of the gallery at STS I think there was one last night too- I'm so bummed I missed it! Zach and I went out to eat at Old Chicago for our 5 year anniversary- it was so yummy! But anyways, I'm going to try to make it to tonight's and look at the great participation prize that's being given away by Growing Pains Scrapped!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Day!

I'm so glad today is Wednesday- it means the week is halfway done. I took Friday off at work because I have a dr. appt. so my weekend starts tomorrow at 5PM! Zach and I also got a great deal on a washer/dryer set for our new house today too. His dad went and got it for us so I have no idea what it looks like or anything about it; I just know that I'll be able to do my own laundry come August because it supposedly works ha ha!

Is everyone enjoying the kit Wild Thing? Nicole always does such a fantastic job! There should be a lot of QP's for everyone to nab for a short while too- making scrapping alot easier! Here is mine and I hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funky Town Revamped Freebie

Well here is that QP freebie I promised you from the kit Funky Town Revamped by Scraps by Andrea. Hopefully you have a picture of your "favorite" that you can use this QP for! Leave some love and enjoy!

Funky Town Revamped Layouts

Yesterday was pretty busy but I still had time to scrap almost 6 layouts (I will share later)! Zach and I are going to be renting a house together and we went and gave our landlord the deposit, took some measurements, and planned where things would go. It may be a hectic month of July but we are both looking forward too it.

I looooved scrapping with Funky Town Revamped! I have tried to do more simple, clean layouts lately. I get so inspired by some designers and try to scraplift their layouts and I feel like I fail miserably. So then I usually just hit the delete button- the joys of digital scrapbooking! I really liked how these turned out- I liked it so much that I'm going to share one with you later today! Click the previews to be directed to Scraps by Andrea's store to pick up this kit!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Kits for You!

Did everyone have a great weekend? I was out of town and spent the entire day Saturday at the pool- needless to say, I regret that decision because I resemble a cherry tomato today! I also got one of my online classes finished up and it feels nice so nice to be done!
I wanted to fill you in on some kits that were released today! Nicole released a fun, sassy kit with Scrappy Cocoa called Wild Thing. Bright colors and animal prints, plus tons of fun embellishments! I love how animal prints are starting to become popular again- don't you agree?! And since it's just digital paper we don't have to worry about PETA! :-) Here is a preview of the kit, click it to be direct to Nicole's blog.. make sure to check out both of their blogs everyday this week to pick up all of the pieces!
If you joined us on Saturday for the Speed Scrap you won't be a stranger to the newest kit by Scraps by Andrea called Funky Town Revamped. It is actually an old blog freebie that she made bigger and better! It's on sale now at her store for only $2.50! Plus, she has a freebie add-on for you that has 6 papers and 15 elements. Here is a preview of Funky Town Revamped, click it to be directed to Andrea's store.
And because summer has finally started, the designers at Stuff to Scrap are having a Summer Sale! Now you really have a reason to go shopping!

See you more times this week with several QP freebies and some layout inspiration! Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speed Scrap Heads Up

There will be another Speed Scrap this Saturday and leave it to Andrea to give away an AWESOME participation prize! But of course, you can't get it unless you come... So I hope to see you there. If you click on the flyer, it will bring you directly to the forum.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Someone Please Answer My Question

Ok- I'm dying to know the answer to something. Everytime I'm browsing blogs, I always see people using abbreviations in the digiscrap community; such as, TFL - thanks for looking, LO- layout, TFS- thanks for sharing, etc. But I'm still confused about what the D stands for when explaining people.. DH, DD, DS.. I've finally figured out that H means husband, D means daughter, so on and so forth... but what does the D stand for in the beginning!?! I wish I could say that I could offer a reward for the answer but sadly, I don't have a gift for you.. just hoping someone feels sorry for my stupidity and relieves my nagging need to know! Thanks faithful blog readers!

Beach House Freebie QP

Hope I'm not too late posting this! Weren't all the layouts for this kit wonderful?!? I hope you find good use with this QP- it has a lot of possibilities! PS. Thanks for all the great comments! On here and 4-shared, it means a lot!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easy Living Freebie QP

The other QP I wanted to share with you is from the kit Easy Living by Scraps by Andrea. What a fun kit to scrap with! Remember how I shared my love for the color brown? You guessed it, lots of brown in this kit! You can buy it here! Here are the layouts I made with this kit:Click the preview to get the freebie QP! Thanks for stopping by- please leave some love!

Welcome to the Jungle Freebie QP

Are you ready for some more freebies? You will be getting several in the next couple of days! Tonight I want to share a QP freebie from the kit Welcome to the Jungle by Scraps by Andrea. It's a great kit to scrap animals, zoo, and those wild moments with. You can buy it here! Here are the layouts I made with it:Click the preview for the QP freebie!

My Father the Fisherman & QP Freebie

Scraps by Andrea just released a new kit to her store called My Father the Fisherman and if you hurry and go to her blog she has a freebie add-on to go with it! I was so excited to scrap with this kit because my dad and brother are huge fishermen, but didn't have any "digital pictures" of fishing memories so I had to drive back to my parent's house to dig through boxes and find some! Sure enough I did, and here are my layouts:

Of course you can't leave without a freebie, click the preview to get the QP!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach House Collab

Nicole and Deanna (Flower Scraps) have released a fun new freebie kit called Beach House. It's perfect for all those beach, vacation, and water pictures that have been collecting in a file (ok... that's probably just me!). I scrapped a picture from my trip to Greece- it was fun looking at all the pictures and made me wish I was there :-(.

Be sure to go to both Nicole and Deanna's blogs to pick up their portion of the kit and leave some love of course! Here is the preview of Nicole's half and my layout:

Come back later in the week for a QP freebie!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Speed Scrap!

There is another Speed Scrap at STS tonight! I couldn't make it to the last one but I plan to be there tonight- you should join me! Click the flyer to be directed to the STS Forum.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Memories QP Freebie

Here is the QP I promised earlier this week! If you haven't done so already, make sure to pick up all the peices for this kit at Nicole's blog and at the same time leave her some love and thank her for her generousity! Click the preview to dowload! Off to bed- g'night!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Speed Scrap Tonight

It's that time again- time for another Speed Scrap at STS!

Here is the prize you get for participating!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nicole's Family Memories Kit

Nicole has released another beautiful freebie kit called Family Memories just in time for all those Father's Day pictures! Go to her blog to pick it up today and make sure to leave her some love! Here is the complete preview of the kit- isn't it a great kit to scrap all those old, vintage photos with?

Here is the layout I made with it:

Check back later in the week for a QP freebie!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

QP FREEBIES and Layouts

I spent a majority of last night scrapping my butt off and I'm pretty proud of the layouts I created! This may be a rather long post, so hang in there and I promise you'll leave with several goodies (if you want them!). The first layout was done with Andrea's brand new freebie kit called In Bloom. She is the featured designer at the Stuff to Scrap blog this week- yay! Here is the layout I made with In Bloom; its of my best friend Becca at her 19th birthday- this is 3 years ago, we've grown up since then just FYI :-)

The next layout was done with Andrea's kit Come on get Happy and believe me, it made me happy. It's so easy to scrap with bright, bold, beautiful colors; there is so much stuff in this kit! It's a must have! Go to Andrea's store to check it out! This layout makes me laugh; I'm not classy at all (I'm from Iowa afterall!), thats why I wanted it to have a grungy look.

My third layout is also with one of Andrea's kits, Backyard BBQ. I have been scavaging forever to find a "grill" kit. Lo and behold! I found the perfect one! Again, being from Iowa, we have lots of cows and pigs and (sorry vegetarians) they taste great on a hot summer night!

Last layout (I promise!) is from another kit of Andrea's called Fur-ever Friends. It is a precious kit and can be used for both dogs and cats! I don't have any cats- I wan't one, but Zach says he's allergic. We do have a dog though, whom we love very much. His name is Spud and he's such a lover- and awfully cute! Isn't he?!?

Well- I promised you'd leave with some goodies, so I'm giving you the QPs for all of the layouts I've shown you today- and there will be several more as the week finishes up! Just click on each of the previews to download and remember to leave some love! Enjoy!

In Bloom

Come on Get Happy

Backyard BBQ

Fur-Ever Friends

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I've been waiting to announce that I was chosen for Scraps by Andrea's (Here a Scrap There a Scrap) Creative Team! WOO HOO! I wanted to wait til she had our intros up on her blog so I could include it on mine too! If you have never visited her blog, please do so ASAP! You will become an addict.. when I first started scrapping (and to this day!) I check her blog everyday to see what she is up to! She has the best kits ever- and most of them are free! YAY I'm so excited to be on her team!

Check back soon for some QP's! I hope to have conquered 4Shared by tonight so I can start sharing my goodies with you! :-) Make sure to stop by Andrea's blog or STORE and look at all she has to offer!