Scrap In A Can

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Ok so I CT for Wendy of WM [squared] and what a great time I've had! She is such an awesome designer to CT for and all of her CT members feel the same way so we wanted to celebrate digitally for her! :-) We decided to have a template blog train! How fun is that?!? Everyone loves templates! Annnd she is also having a fab sale and lots of RAKs!
Don't birthdays just cheer everyone up? I always feel like my birthday should be a national holiday or something LOL! My favorite birthday so far in life was definately my 20th birthday- which also happened to be my golden birthday! I lived on my own for the first time and every single one of my friends made the trip to celebrate! We were supposed to go to the waterpark early the next day... well lets just say the nights events didn't allow us to go until later in the afternoon! I had also just recently returned from Europe and friends I made from the trip came and celebrated too! It was just awesome! Anyways, I just remember as my favorite because of the "togetherness"! We were all together, having fun, loving life, and celebrating my birthday: cant get much better than that! I know it doesnt look like a birthday picture but it is- celebrating my 20th/"golden" birthday!
Well here is my contribution for the wonderful Wendy's big day! I really love making templates and I hope you enjoy it! Please please please wish Wendy a happy birthday and leave a thank you to all my fellow gals on the blog train!

Your next stop will be Vicki's blog - here! And if you are lost or just stumbled across my blog, you can find the full list at Wendy's blog - here!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Its Beginning to Look Like Summer!

Check out this new fun, bright kit by Digi-Designs by Nicole! It is just perfect for those days at the park!
And I have a little freebie for you; its a set of word arts that go perfect with the kit! I think you'll find a lot of use out of them! :)